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Unconscious Bias Training

Unconscious bias is becoming a big focus for organisations working to address diversity issues. Undiagnosed, biases work to subtly undermine the many hours organisations invest in creating an inclusive culture. Having a strategy to minimise the impact of unconscious bias is an important part of any diversity and inclusion plan.

What is unconscious bias?

Scientific research has demonstrated the existence and prevalence of unconscious bias – unconscious beliefs and attitudes that go beyond our conscious perceptions of ourselves and others. Whether we accept it or not, we tend to like people who look like us, think like us and come from backgrounds like our own.

Unconscious biases can prevent individuals from making objective decisions. They can cause people to overlook great ideas, ignore an individual’s potential, and create a less than ideal work experience for their colleagues. It can impact every facet of a business, from recruiting staff, to leadership effectiveness, communication, decision making and workplace interactions.

How does training help?

Combating unconscious biases is difficult, because their influence on our decisions in a given moment doesn’t feel wrong; it feels intuitively right. But in order to create a workplace that supports and encourages diverse perspectives, talents, and ideas, you need to give people the platform and tools to begin to mitigate bias.

Globally, training is being employed as a strategy to manage the impact of unconscious bias. Google, who has led the way for Silicon Valley companies, has put more than half its 50,000 employees through training and found that staff who undertook unconscious bias training were more aware of its impact both immediately and a month after the training, compared to those who’d had no training at all.

Why choose Diversity Works New Zealand customised training?

Diversity Works New Zealand offers customised unconscious bias training that not only raises awareness of this issue, but help organisations take the next step in managing it.

Our specialist facilitators have a strong foundation of knowledge around the neuroscience of unconscious bias and can break it down to it’s accessible for anyone.

All the training we offer is customised to meet the needs of individual organisation and helps staff look at unconscious bias as it may be operating within the context of their own department and develop strategies to minimise its impact.

To find out more phone 0800 DIVERSITY (0800 348 377) or email training@diversityworksnz.org.nz

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