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Creating inclusive workplaces can bring positive outcomes for employees, organisations and society, but it requires more than good intentions and a positive spirit.

Truly inclusive and innovative workplaces use proven methods to assess and change conventional systems that hinder full and equitable participation of their workforce. Design thinking and human-centred design have been steadily growing in popularity across geographies, industries and audiences. Increasingly organisations are using these frameworks to promote creativity and innovation not just in product development, but also in systems, processes and strategy design.

This workshop explores how these frameworks can help organisations reconfigure their diversity equity and inclusion systems and processes. Through a hands-on learning experience, you will experiment with different methods and tools to support the design and transformation of workplaces to unleash the powers of diversity, equity and inclusion.


  • Three-hour face-to-face training (for up to 25 participants)

Learning objectives

  • Understand core concepts of design thinking and its application
  • Discover the connections between design thinking and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)
  • Foster a mindset to design (and redesign) systems and processes from a DEI perspective
  • Explore design thinking as a driver for innovation and collaboration inside organisations
  • Get hands-on methods and tools for design thinking in diverse working environments


This workshop is designed for professionals and leaders who are interested in leveraging design thinking to promote workplace inclusion and drive innovation. It is suitable for individuals involved in DEI initiatives, HR professionals, managers and anyone seeking to transform their organisations into inclusive and innovative workplaces.

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