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As the national body for workplace diversity and inclusion, Diversity Works New Zealand can provide advice to organisations working towards becoming a New Zealand Immigration accredited employer.

To become an accredited employer, organisations must give evidence of good workplace practices. One of the factors taken into consideration is whether the employer has policies and practices in place as outlined by Diversity Works New Zealand.

Here are a few of the principles employers wishing to become accredited should consider.

  • The positive implementation of good diversity policies and practices gives all people with appropriate skills the opportunity to work and allows all employees to make a positive contribution in the workplace, regardless of age, race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or physical/mental constraints.

Evidence of good workplace practices could include: policies and practices around recruitment without discrimination; how respect is defined and shown in the workplace; documented values and employee feedback in engagement surveys; and exit interviews.

  • Good workplace practices in diversity and inclusion can be linked to health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Evidence of good workplace practices could include policies: related to the prevention and management of bullying and harassment; promotion of wellbeing; promotion of literacy and numeracy as well as the acknowledgement of different cultural norms and language in health and safety briefings and toolbox meetings. It could also include cultural acknowledgement and celebrations in the workplace and the flexibility of standard employment and leave policies to cater to differing cultural requirements and commitments.

  • The importance of employee induction and onboarding.

Evidence of good workplace policies and practices in relation to diversity and inclusion could include the scope of the induction, on boarding and ongoing support given to employees, particularly those employees new to New Zealand. A broad and thorough induction including values, support available, together with evidence of employee assistance programmes and other support structures for successful transitioning into New Zealand.

For more information or help on workplace diversity and inclusion, please contact info@diversityworksnz.org.nz or call 0800 DIVERSITY (0800 348 377).

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