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Understanding unconscious bias is one of the keys to better self-awareness and dismantling some of the barriers to inclusive cultures in the workplace.

This updated workshop explores intersectionality as the cornerstone of better understanding of how unconscious bias shows up within ourselves as both individuals and leaders.

Through this learning, unlock powerful strategies to spark positive change, forging new empathetic connections, and mitigating bias.

This will enhance your communication and decision making at work.

Choose from two formats

  • Three-hour face-to-face training (for up to 25 participants)
  • Two-hour online session (for up to 30 participants)

Learning objectives for face-to-face session

  • Explore research from the field of neuroscience
  • Learn about real-life issues and use critical discussion exercises to explore how unconscious bias can manifest
  • Reflect on examples of best practice from global and local leaders
  • Challenge your thinking and build new connections
  • Learn strategies to manage and mitigate bias

Learning objectives for online session

  • Enhance your self-awareness and understanding of the cross-section of intersectionality
  • Explore how our brains process information and make decisions
  • Recognise some of the most common types of unconscious biases and their effects
  • Learn practical strategies to manage bias in the workplace


This workshop is designed for individuals and leaders who are eager to expand their awareness and understanding of unconscious bias.

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