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In today's interconnected and ever-changing world, understanding diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) goes beyond mere tolerance; it involves embracing and celebrating the differences that make us unique.

This introductory session explores the fundamental concepts of DEI and their ever-evolving significance in both local and global contexts, with a specific focus on Aotearoa New Zealand.

The workshop will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of key aspects and essential concepts related to DEI. Learn about rational and managerial approaches and visualise their impact.

Choose from two formats

  • One-hour face-to-face session (unlimited participants)
  • One-hour online session (unlimited participants)

Learning objectives

  • Learn about the concepts of workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)
  • Review the development of key managerial theories behind the evolution of the concepts
  • Understand the importance of topics such as unconscious bias, in-and-out groups, and the evolution of the workforce in Aotearoa and its relevance to workplace systems and beliefs
  • Review the components and strategic approaches of DEI management
  • Be encouraged to engage in open conversation about workplace inclusion


This workshop is ideal for individuals and organisations seeking to enhance their understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Whether you want to broaden your knowledge or create an inclusive workplace, this workshop equips you with essential tools and perspectives for change.

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