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Workplace Inclusion Professional Accreditation

Welcome to the Workplace Inclusion Professional Accreditation programme administered by Diversity Works New Zealand. Please read through all the information on this page before applying to be admitted to the programme.

What is Workplace Inclusion Professional Accreditation?
Who should apply for Workplace Inclusion Professional Accreditation?
How do you apply?
How does the process work?
Charter of Conduct
Continuing Professional Development
2023 Fee Schedule
2023 Calendar
Professional Accreditation Advisory Group

WATCH: Introduction to Workplace Inclusion Professional Accreditation workshop

What is Workplace Inclusion Professional Accreditation?
This is a formal recognition of the knowledge, skills, and experience required to build cultures of inclusion and cohesion within workplaces in Aotearoa.

It is an opportunity for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) leaders and practitioners to demonstrate and be acknowledged for their competencies in designing and implementing DEI strategies and programmes.

Please note, you will be gaining accreditation for your knowledge, experience and skills. This not a qualification, however learning pathways will be recommended to support candidates to successfully gain accreditation when competency gaps are identified during the assessment process.

Download Competency Framework

There are two credentials available – one for DEI professionals who have strategic experience in this work and one for DEI practitioners who support and implement programmes.

This accreditation programme will give workplaces the security of knowing that this important mahi is being undertaken by professionals recognised in this field who have access to best practice and a community of peer support.



Who should apply for Workplace Inclusion Professional Accreditation?

DEI professionals come from all walks of life and have a wide range of lived experience. This accreditation recognises the lived experience combined with behaviours and disciplines needed to support organisations to progress their inclusion journey. It will be a valuable credential for anyone working in this field, which may include:

  • DEI leaders and specialists
  • DEI committee and employee-led network members
  • Passionate allies who want to enhance their career in DEI
  • People and Culture and HR professionals

How do you apply?

Applications can be made through our online form.

Apply HERE

How does the process work?

After submitting your application, we will do an initial screening of the information provided and, should you be successful in entering the programme, you will be sent the information pack for the Workplace Inclusion Professional Accreditation. The end-to-end process consists of three distinct phases with rigorous review and feedback at every step of the process.

In the first step of the accreditation programme assessment, candidates will be asked to submit a portfolio of evidence. Your portfolio will be a collection of materials that demonstrates your skills, capabilities, training, knowledge, and experiences. This can be submitted as a text document, audio-visual file, or a medium that is accessible to you.

On successful completion of the first phase, the second step of the programme is designed to examine a candidate’s skills, capabilities, and experiences with a practical assessment (which could be done through written or oral assessment) and a final presentation. This will be done in a workshop setting.

Where remediation is required, candidates are able to respond and make the necessary changes, then resubmit.

In the third and final step, on successful completion of the second phase, a candidate will be invited for an interview to explore further context related to any of the gaps that might have been identified during the first two phases.

On successful completion of all three steps, candidates will be accredited, and their names are added to the National Register of Accredited Practitioners. Practitioners are recognised in a formal ceremony and receive their Workplace Inclusion Professional Accreditation.


Charter of Conduct 

Candidates have to subscribe to the Charter of Conduct for accredited DEI professionals.

Continuing Professional Development

Workplace Inclusion Professional Accreditation practitioners need to:

  • Subscribe to and comply with the Code of Conduct; and,
  • Participate in and comply with the continuing professional development requirements as set out by the Diversity Works New Zealand.

2023 Fee Schedule

 All figures include GST

Application Fee


Evaluation Fee

Evidence review
(resubmissions at $290)

Practical assessment
(first re-assessment free, thereafter $550 per re-assessment)











Annual Professional
Registration Fee


Get more information on the fees and what is covered here.

2023 Calendar

Application deadlines



Closing day for submitting application


March intake

22 March

April intake

19 April

May intake

17 May

June intake

21 June

July intake

19 July

August intake

23 August

September intake

20 September

October intake

18 October

November intake

22 November

December intake

20 December


Professional Accreditation Advisory Group

We would like to thank the members of the Professional Accreditation Advisory Group for their support and guidance in creating the framework for our accreditation programme:

Alexis Cameron                             Anaru Matthews

Dr. Guillermo Merelo                      Haylee Putaranui

Nicola Richardson                          Catherine Smith

Dr Sripriya Somasekhar                 Jovita Stellmacher

Earle Wilkes

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