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In the pursuit of an inclusive workplace, it’s essential for leaders to learn how to empower and support their team members to bring their authentic selves to work. Inclusive leadership provides leaders with the skills to manage diverse perspectives and turn differences into opportunities for growth and innovation within the organisation.

Choose from two formats

  • Three-hour face-to-face training (for up to 25 participants)
  • Three-hour online workshop (for up to 15 participants)

Learning objectives for face-to-face session

  • Understand the role of leaders in diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Define inclusive leadership skills and traits
  • Explore the psychological foundations of inclusive leadership
  • Understand the differences between inclusive leadership and other leadership styles
  • Learn about the relationship between inclusive leadership with unconscious bias and cultural intelligence

Learning objectives for online session

  • Leadership in context
  • Inclusive leadership traits, skills and tips
  • A strategic view on inclusive leadership


This workshop is designed for current and future leaders who are committed to cultivating an inclusive workplace environment. It is suitable for individuals in leadership positions or those aspiring to leadership roles.

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Following the successful delivery of the workshop, invoices will be raised promptly. We highly encourage you to provide feedback via our feedback forms, as we value your insights and aim to continually improve based on our collective experiences.

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