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Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within organisations will only be successful if we have a deep understanding of the complex systems and structures that perpetuate inequity.

These systems can include policies, procedures, culture and norms that shape how an organisation operates and how individuals interact with one another.

Systems change mindset allows those working to promote DEI to take a holistic view of an organisation and identify the interconnected factors that contribute to inequity.

By examining these systems, we can identify the root causes of inequity and develop targeted strategies to address them, rather than simply addressing symptoms or individual incidents of discrimination.


  • Two-hour online workshop

Learning objectives

  • Define systems change within a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) workplace context
  • Understand what mindset is required for systems change
  • Practice this mindset using a simple iceberg model


This workshop is valuable for human resources professionals, DEI practitioners, organisational leaders and managers, employee resource groups, diversity champions, consultants and trainers. This workshop offers knowledge and tools for both large corporations and smaller organisations to drive inclusive practices and challenge systemic barriers effectively.

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