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Diversity Works New Zealand can run training sessions for your organisation across various diversity dimensions. These are designed to upskill your management and other staff on important diversity and inclusion issues. These can be run either on your premises or at another suitable venue or, in some cases, online.

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This session helps participants understand the key concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion and to visualise their evolution, rational and managerial approaches in New Zealand and international contexts.

This workshop is also available as an online session.


This workshop will give you an introduction to the neuroscience behind unconscious bias and help you understand how unconscious biases can impact leadership effectiveness, workplace interactions, communication and decision making and how to get the best out of your workforce.

It will facilitate an understanding of how neuroscience underpins bias; how to identify unconscious bias in self and others and its impact on the workplace. Participants will also discover ways to challenge their thinking, build neural connections and identify strategies to manage and mitigate bias as individuals, groups and organisations.

This workshop is also available as an online session.


Unconscious bias can have a negative impact on talent management, whether that’s attracting, recruiting, developing or retaining employees.  This workshop will increase your awareness of where biases may be affecting human resources processes within your organisation, limiting the opportunities for diverse talent to join, grow and create a productive, inclusive working environment and look at strategies to mitigate this. It will also cover examples of best practice within New Zealand and global organisations.

Please note, the Understanding Unconscious Bias training is a prerequisite to this course.

This workshop is also available as an online session.


Bi-cultural confidence is the foundation of successful cultural diversity and inclusion in your organisation. This three-hour workshop is an ideal introduction to bi-cultural confidence for all leaders, HR professionals, employees new to New Zealand or those who grew up here who would like to learn more.

This wananga (workshop) will facilitate participants to identify key values important to Māori and discuss their commonalities with other cultures. Participants will gain and overview of the loss and restoration of Māori language and culture in Aotearoa New Zealand and discuss how to create environments that encourage all employees to explore the Māori world view and support Māori employees to bring their cultural selves to work.


This workshop explores New Zealand’s cultural landscape and addresses key concepts such as culture, cultural dissonance and acculturative strategies.

Cultural intelligence is a skill current and future leaders experiencing the effects of rapid demographic changes in New Zealand workplaces need to develop. This training aims to provide participants with basic cultural competence in a personal and professional settings. Additionally, it is designed to help people build an open mind to how we impact others consciously and unconsciously.

This workshop is also available as an online session.


Conflict at work is inevitable and may be beneficial if it promotes new ideas and innovations. However, it can escalate into bullying, harassment or violence, which has serious impacts on individuals and organisations. This training explores the traps and pitfalls and teaches you how to challenge behaviour and intervene to resolve issues, enabling you to empower a strong, productive workplaces.

This workshop is also available as an online session.


In the constant search for inclusiveness, leaders are required to learn how to benefit from motivated followers who feel safe to bring their whole selves to the workplace. Inclusive leadership helps current and future leaders to manage different viewpoints and transform dissent and disagreement into value for organisational growth.


This workshop guides participants through key concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion and provides a basic framework on how to design and support an inclusive workplace that values employees from diverse backgrounds. It covers an introduction to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) systems, synergies and metrics, alongside journey mapping to guide diversity, equity and inclusion within the organisation. 

This workshop is also available as an online session.


Design thinking and human-centred design have been steadily growing in popularity across geographies, industries, and audiences.  In this workshop, we explore how these frameworks can help organisations reconfigure their diversity and inclusion systems and processes. Through a hands-on learning experience, you will experiment with different methods and tools to support the design and transformation of our workplaces to unleash the powers of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Our workforces are now made up of five generations, with more older workers staying on longer. Demographic and labour market changes will increasingly require organisations to focus on retention and to adapt to the needs of a multi-generational workforce. 

This workshop will introduce you to contemporary thinking in respect to age and work, give you skills for working with an age-diverse workforce and provide strategies for creating an age-inclusive multi-generational workplace.


This workshop is designed to provide the inspiration and motivation needed to take the next step. Participants will be given practical advice on how to develop their leadership style, how to confidently approach opportunities in the workplace and how to progress their career.

Workshop participants will learn to recognise, develop and communicate leadership styles, define their own brand and how to stocktake their existing executive presence. They will learn how to relate up, across and down in the organisation. In addition, participants will learn to present their leadership style to clients and partner businesses, connect leadership in life and leadership at work and to select and develop appropriate techniques to progress their own careers.

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