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Customised training

Upskill your team on important diversity and inclusion issues

Diversity Works New Zealand can run customised training sessions for your organisation, designed to upskill your management and other staff on important diversity and inclusion issues. These can be run either on your premises or at another suitable venue.

One of the benefits of a customised training session is that it can look at diversity and inclusion in the context of your business and discuss how diversity and inclusion is relevant to your operations, making the training very accessible for all your staff.

Areas we offer training in include:

Unconscious bias can undermine the many hours organisations invest in creating an inclusive culture. It prevents us from making objective decisions and can impact every facet of a business, from recruiting staff, to leadership effectiveness, communication, decision making and workplace interactions. This training introduces the neuroscience behind unconscious bias and gives organisations strategies and processes that will mitigate its impact.


  • Introduction to diversity and inclusion

From the boardroom table to the factory floor, we are seeing the benefits of diversity programmes as companies build and empower better teams, create healthier environments, grow skills and celebrate cultural differences. This training will cover the benefits of embracing diversity in your workplace, how to foster diversity and inclusion, and how to address the challenges of a rapidly evolving labour market.


  • Cultural Intelligence

Cultural intelligence is a key competency in being able to connect with diverse markets and create an inclusive workplace.
This training will explore cultural drivers, cultural knowledge, cultural strategies and cultural action. It also looks at how to apply cultural intelligence in a personal and professional setting, and how to have an open mind to how we impact others, consciously and unconsciously.


  • Men as Allies

Gender diversity benefits men as well as women, and we need men to lead inclusion in our workplaces. In this training, participants will learn why gender equity and equality is a shared responsibility. It also looks at the best practices for engaging men in gender equality and ways to develop a strategy to raise awareness of this issue.


  • Creating a respectful workplace

Conflict at work is inevitable and may be beneficial if it promotes new ideas and innovations. However, it can escalate into bullying, harassment or violence, which has serious impacts on individuals and organisations.
This training explores the traps and pitfalls and teaches you how to challenge behaviour and intervene to resolve issues, enabling you to empower a strong, productive workplace.


To find out more about customised training, phone 0800 DIVERSITY (0800 348 377) or email training@diversityworksnz.org.nz

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