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When organisations create an environment where there is little flexibility regarding what is acceptable and what good looks like, it allows imposter syndrome to flourish, inhibiting the confidence of anyone who doesn’t fit the mould. If you begin to doubt your abilities and feel like a fraud, the workplace becomes an uncomfortable space where you cannot be yourself or realise your full potential.

However, there could be times when faking it until you make it is a positive in workplace environment. When you are on a growth and learning journey, it requires trying new behaviours that don’t feel comfortable.

How can our organisations create a space where people can bring their whole selves to work but also feel safe to step outside their norms and challenge their own perspectives, beliefs and behaviours? How do we lead while still acknowledging our own vulnerabilities, and learning journeys?

This session explores how we can ensure our organisations are inclusive of difference and provide space for everyone to learn, grow and adapt.

Speakers include:

  • Angela Neely (Smarter Leader Academy)
  • Alexis Cameron (Te Toka Tumai)
  • Jovita Stellmacher (Palmerston North City Council)

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