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New workshop introduces systems change to support inclusion

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Photograph of two colleagues discussing system changeUnderstanding the complex systems that shape organisational culture and practices, and how they perpetuate inequity, is an important step in creating more inclusive workplaces.

Diversity Works New Zealand’s new online workshop Embracing a Systems Change Mindset, launching this month, is designed to help diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) professionals develop awareness of how to create systemic change and its possible impact on organisational culture.

“Putting a systems change lens on DEI in the workplace involves taking a comprehensive approach to addressing systemic inequities,” says Learning and Development Advisor Sarah Macdonald.

This includes identifying the root causes of inequity within the organisation, developing a strategic plan to address them, engaging stakeholders in the planning and implementation process, embedding DEI principles and practices into organisational culture, and monitoring and evaluating progress towards identified goals and outcomes.

“Leading that work requires a deep understanding of the complex systems that shape organisational culture and practices, as well as a collaborative, holistic, and iterative approach to problem-solving.”

The new workshop will ensure participants understand what systems change looks like in a DEI context and can practice using a systems change mindset using a simple iceberg model.

It is the first resource in a suite of learning that will address systems change. A follow-up workshop will look at theory of change and how it provides a framework for planning, implementing, and evaluating DEI initiatives.

“A theory of change is a visual representation of how a programme or initiative is expected to lead to specific outcomes or changes, and can be a useful tool for DEI professionals,” says Sarah.

 “By embracing a systems change mindset, DEI professionals can drive meaningful and lasting change. It’s a way to create a more equitable and inclusive environment for all employees, while also improving overall performance and productivity.”

Find out more about the new workshop and book your place on the May learning session.


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