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New home for our library

Monday, Jul 2, 2018, by Sheryl Blythen

The Diversity Works New Zealand library has a new home at Massey University.

The books and research papers will be shared by the Massey People, Organisation, Work and Employment Research (MPOWER) group and the Centre for Advanced Retail Studies at the Albany campus.

It will be used by staff and post-graduate students and the Diversity and Inclusion Working Group.

Diversity Works New Zealand Chief Executive Rachel Hopkins says the library has been a valuable resource for members, offering information on a wide range of topics such as gender equity, inclusive leadership, workplace wellbeing, bias, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, cross cultural studies and flexible working.

The library collection was started in the 1990s and totals around 800 books and papers.

But with more people opting to access this information online, the books were not being used frequently.

“Keeping the library intact at Massey ensures it will continue to be a collection that documents the academic and organisational contributions across all diversity platforms.” 


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