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Gender equity: What's in it for men?

Tuesday, Jul 10, 2018, by Sheryl Blythen

Gender diversity benefits men as well as women, and we need men to lead inclusion in our workplaces.

Recent research released by the Diversity Council Australia recently highlights the positive gender equity business case and its benefits for men, as well as simple ways that men can be effective leaders in this space

Here are just few of the ways men gain when we have more gender equality in our organisations.

Better wellbeing - Men’s own wellbeing is limited by narrow ideas about how they are “supposed” to behave. Men often pay heavy costs – in the form of shallow relationships, poor health, and early death – for conformity with narrow definitions of masculinity.

Better relationships - Gender equality is good for men’s relationships and sexual lives. US research finds that men with feminist partners report greater relationship stability and sexual satisfaction than men with non-feminist partners.

Better communities - Gender equality is good for our workplaces, communities, and country. Gender progress benefits the communities in which men live. Our communities benefit from flexibility in divisions of labour, improvements in women’s health and wellbeing, reductions in violence against women, and other signs of growing gender equality.

Better work experiences - With progress towards gender equality in workplaces, men will enjoy workplaces with greater productivity, creativity, and diversity because of the wider pools of talent and fairer processes on which they are based. Men will also experience higher quality work resulting from greater teamwork and collaboration and a reduced emphasis on competitiveness. Finally, men will benefit psychologically from being active participants in the process of positive change.

Find out more about this research and get strategies for effectively engaging men on gender equality by signing up for our Men as Allies workshop in Auckland next month.

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