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Don’t be scared of data!

Monday, Oct 2, 2023

Photo of a group of people discussing data collection in the office.Organisations need to collect data across a range of indicators to understand whether their diversity, equity and inclusion mahi is progressing change in their workplaces.

However, the inherently technical and sometimes complex nature of gathering data can deter people from getting started.

This need not be the case, says Diversity Works New Zealand Learning and Development Advisor Sarah Macdonald. “It’s totally possible to collect and handle diversity data safely and responsibly.”

Many of our members have indicated they are looking for guidance on how to approach diversity data collection and use it to support their DEI journey, so we are offering a new online workshop, Driving Change With Data.

“The workshop offers a comprehensive approach to using diversity data as a tool for advancing DEI work. In addressing technical, legal, ethical, and strategic aspects of data collection and analysis, the workshop equips participants with the knowledge and skills needed to create meaningful and sustainable change.”

Honing skills in data collection has many advantages, Sarah says.

  • Enable data-informed decision making: Data provides objective insights into the current state of diversity within an organisation, helping leaders identify trends, disparities, and areas of improvement.
  • Identify issues and challenge assumptions: Data can uncover hidden or overlooked issues related to diversity and inclusion. By analysing diversity data, organisations can challenge assumptions and biases.
  • Adopt a holistic perspective: Diversity data allows consideration of a wide range of demographic and identity factors. This is essential for creating comprehensive DEI strategies that address the unique experiences of various groups.
  • Navigate complexity: Collecting and handling diversity data involves technical considerations, legal requirements, and ethical considerations. Awareness of this allows you to navigate potential challenges and risks, respect individuals' privacy, protect sensitive information, and adhere to applicable laws and regulations.
  • Enhance employee experience: Diversity data can shed light on the experiences of employees from diverse backgrounds. This information is instrumental in identifying areas where the employee experience can be improved, ensuring that all employees feel valued, included, and empowered.
  • Drive systems change: Diversity data has an important role in driving systems change and strategic DEI implementation. This aligns with the broader goal of creating lasting, structural changes within an organisation's culture, policies, and practices.

 The first Driving Change With Data workshop will be delivered online in early December. It will be complemented by the series of Diversity Data guides available to members in our Resource Library

 “Human resources professionals, DEI practitioners, organisational leaders and managers, employee resource groups, diversity champions, consultants and trainers will all benefit from participating in this training,” Sarah says.

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