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Diversity Works New Zealand takes the Pride Pledge

Tuesday, Apr 2, 2019, by Sheryl Blythen

Diversity Works New Zealand takes the pride pledge.We are thrilled to announce that Diversity Works New Zealand has joined other organisations around the country pledging to raise awareness of safety and inclusiveness for all LGBTTQ+ people.

Taking the Pride Pledge is a way organisations can use their voice and influence to support visibility, tolerance, love, diversity and inclusion for all those in the Rainbow community, says Diversity Works New Zealand Chief Executive Rachel Hopkins.

Started in Queenstown, the Pride Pledge now has support from organisations throughout New Zealand, including some of our biggest members such as Vodafone, Simpson Grierson, ASB, Fletcher Building, Sky City and Westpac.

Martin King, co-founder of Pride Pledge, points out a strength of this initiative is the ease with which it allows allied and small organisations to join and work together to improve visibility and inclusion in the workplace without an onerous financial commitment.

"We have had impressive take-up from a dynamic range of businesses, from our local coffee caravan, mid-sized bar venues, the taxi company to nation-wide banks and telecoms companies. And the beauty of this is that each organisation can engage at their own pace, from the simple aspect of flying the flag, to the more committed attendance at rainbow 101 empathy building training or, like some companies do, including rainbow training in their formal induction process. The magic is in its flexibility," he says.

King also adds that it is not the intention of the Pride Pledge to be an audit process or a finger pointing initiative. Subscribed supporters self-police. “This is an aspiration model where all organisations (and individuals) sign up in order to improve our understanding and community, meeting challenges with kindness and an openness to learning. This approach is particularly attractive to small and medium-sized businesses who want to do the right thing.”

King says the percentage of Rainbow employees who are closeted at work or go back into the closet when starting a new job is up to 50 per cent in some industries. Organisations can create a safe space for these employees and stand out from other employers when recruiting and retaining staff. Rainbow customers are loyal and will support businesses that visibly show their commitment to LGBTTQI+ inclusion, he says. To find out more about taking the Pride Pledge visit pridepledge.co.nz

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