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The way that we understand gender is constantly changing. For the first time, the 2019/2020 Household Economic Survey enabled New Zealanders to select a non-binary gender option, and the BDMRR (Births, Death, Marriage and Relationship Recognition) bill was also passed last year, allowing non-binary gender identification on birth certificates.

Increasingly, workplaces across Aotearoa are considering how they can be more inclusive of non-binary and takatāpui people. As with all matters of inclusion, this comes with practical challenges to overcome and opportunities for transformation to explore.

As products of a society that has been dominated by binary gender norms and expressions, many aspects of our workplaces, from data collection to use of language, dress codes and facilities, are tailored for a binary world. So how do we move beyond rigid binary systems and protocols to better include gender diverse employees?

Speakers look at best practices, innovative new technology and key considerations for workplaces looking to move the dial on this important issue.

Speakers include:

  • Andie Morton, Agile Coach, Southern Cross Health Insurance, co-chair of Rainbow Auckland
  • Rhonda Koreheke, HR Lead, Spark
  • Caitlin Hayns, Senior Social Brand Partner, Spark (Beyond Binary coding project)

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