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In discussions about the future of work, we often focus on the impact of technology, rather than the impact of shifts in culture and behaviours. Yet, many of those in the emerging generation of employees have a very different approach to work and much higher expectations for the workplace than ever before.

Research shows that those entering the workforce want to work for organisations that have a better track record when it comes to human rights and environmental issues, and won’t tolerate bad behaviour in the workplace. They are less accepting of the status quo and are ready to vote with their feet to find an workplace more in line with their values.

In addition, the incoming generation of employees report increased levels of anxiety, stress, and depression due to a highly connected world, climate change, a global pandemic and economic instability impacting job security, and financial debt.

Does your organisation have a culture and ethos that will cater to the wants and needs of this group?

Diversity Sessions are interactive online conversations where we can explore inclusion issues impacting our organisations and our people.

Join us as speakers discuss what matters to young people, and how to build supportive work environments for everyone.

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