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Helene Deschamps

Hélène Deschamps

Executive and Leadership Coach

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Hélène was born and raised in Paris, France and has lived and worked on four continents. She worked in advertising and then management consulting in London and Auckland before five years as a senior executive with Carter Holt Harvey, where she was also Chair of the CHH Diversity Council. She is an experienced facilitator, used to working successfully with and motivating people from different cultures. Her clients feel confident discussing challenging topics with her and identifying the ways to improve performance and equity in the workplace. Trained as an executive coach in the USA, Hélène particularly enjoys working with clients around cultural intelligence, unearthing unconscious biases and raising self-awareness to make better decisions.
MBA (South Africa), BA Political Science (France), ICF Accredited Executive Coach.

Gita Jayaram


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Gita is a skilled facilitator committed to encouraging individual actions that will result in flexible, collaborative and inclusive workplaces. Her approach is empathetic, straight-forward and results-driven. Gita has more than 15 years consulting experience, with a specific focus on workplace diversity and organisation design. She has worked with a range of clients across sectors such as engineering, agriculture, public service, professional consulting services and tourism.
BCA- Victoria University, MBA- University of Auckland.

Sue Watson

Leadership Development Expert

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Sue is an experienced facilitator and presenter who has worked with a wide range of business, educational and not for profit organisations for more than 25 years. She brings commercial and strategic acumen gained from directorships and CEO roles in business and the not-for-profit sector, including as the Global Chief Executive of Kea – New Zealand’s global expatriate network. Sue has a particular interest in gender inclusion and growing the female talent pipeline.

Creative and inspiring, Sue has a reputation for ‘keeping it real’ while finding innovative ways to engage, encourage and support people to set their own purpose and goals and find their motivation to achieve them.

Sue has a Doctorate in Education from Victoria University.

Mary Haddock-Staniland

Mary Haddock-Staniland

Head of Membership Services

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Besides from Mary’s role as Head of Membership Services at Diversity Works New Zealand, she is also a popular facilitator and speaker.

Mary is highly sought after as a keynote speaker on diversity and inclusion, in particular transgender issues, and cultivating and promoting a positive culture is one of the keys to her success. Mary’s unique way of captivating an audience is polarising.

Mary has a large social media presence, which is used to promote issues of social justice in a positive and affirming way.

Guillermo Merelo

Guillermo Merelo

Diversity Manager

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With a strong background in public management and public policy, Guillermo has worked as a senior public officer, columnist, lecturer and academic researcher in Latin America, Europe and New Zealand. He is a published author on integration and inclusion. His academic work revolves around the value of migrants’ processes of integration to their receiving societies. He is also a HR specialist with more than 20 years of experience in talent management, organisational development and change.
Brought up in a family of strong women and being a member of the LGBTI community, Guillermo truly cherishes diversity and he is convinced that diverse workplaces have the potential to foster understandings of the self and others, unleash organisational potential and make this a better world.

Iani Nemani

Iani Nemani

Diversity Manager

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Iani Nemani comes to Diversity Works with a strong background in labour market development, community economic development and social work. He is an experienced relationship manager and brings more than 20 years of experience across community, local and central government, tertiary education and industry training sectors. Prior to joining Diversity Works he spent four years growing the Maori and Pasifika pipeline of future apprentices for Competenz, a leading New Zealand industry training organisation and prior to that, he worked for five years in the Immigration New Zealand migrant settlement unit.

Iani comes from a large Tongan family with Fijian roots. He is a Board member for the Pasifika Education Centre (PEC) and is a recent appointment to the ADHB Patient and Whanau Centred Care Council. He has qualifications in social work, social policy, economic development and theology and has recently completed the Leadership New Zealand Mana Moana programme.

Mark Carrick

Organisational Development Manager, PwC

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Mark combines more than 20 years corporate HR experience (Learning, Leadership and Organisational Development) with the latest best-practice thinking and scientific research. He has a very pragmatic approach to balancing his strong sense of social justice with the commercial imperatives of business leaders, always striving to find mutually beneficial outcomes.

Mark has a diverse career history, working as an architectural draughtsman, a timeshare salesman and aerobics instructor before moving into banking. He has a passion for connecting with people, and believes difference should be valued.

Outside of work he is a passionate snow skier and an ungraciously retired dancer. While he might occasionally try to play up a “pale stale male” image, he takes great delight in being a little bit different and very unique. His motto is never judge a book by its cover!

Jan Eggleton

Facilitator and training consultant

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Jan has more than 25 years’ experience of working with a wide range of people and in high pressure environments in the private and public sector. She specialises in providing people with an understanding of how to create, maintain or repair workplace relationships.
Jan is an effective facilitator, problem solver and trouble-shooter, with a demonstrated record of establishing productive pathways and diffusing high tension situations with diplomacy and tact. She has a Diploma in Facilitation from Zenergy International and has studied the nature of groups, individuals within groups, group issues and how groups do and don’t work.
This knowledge helps her work effectively with people who are experiencing the complexities of a diverse work force and trying to eliminate or minimise harassment and discrimination. She worked as the Human Rights Commission harassment prevention trainer and was previously an educator and trainer for the Public Service Association.
Diploma in Facilitation, Z energy International, Auckland

Bevan Catley

Bevan Catley

Acting Head of Massey University’s School of Management

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Bevan is Acting Head of the School of Management at Massey University and director of the Healthy Work Group – a multidisciplinary team of researchers from Massey interested in psychosocial factors in workplace health and safety. Bevan’s primary research focus is on workplace bullying and workplace violence and he has published extensively on these topics in a number of international journals. Bevan is also a board member of the International Association on Workplace Bullying and Harassment and the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management. Doctor of Philosophy – University of Otago (2004), Bachelor of Commerce with Honours First Class – University of Otago (1998), Bachelor of Physical Education – University of Otago (1997)

Heidi Rosser

Heidi Rosser

Diversity Consultant, Diversity Works New Zealand

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Heidi brings over a decade of HR experience at a senior level and a number of years as a Director of her own HR and Marketing consultancy business. She has worked in New Zealand and offshore for private, publicly-listed, and state sector organisations. One of Heidi’s strengths is providing practical advice and solutions for organisations looking to undertake workplace diversity initiatives but who are not sure where best to focus their efforts.
BA/BCom – University of Auckland, CSS Administration & Management – Harvard University

Kimberly Sumner

Kimberly Sumner

Founder of She Prosperity and Steps Leadership Program for Millennials

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Kimberly is an experienced facilitator, presenter and consultant, helping business leaders implement communication methods that support inclusive leadership across diverse teams, using neuroscience-based techniques to leverage people’s differences into a unifying strength for improved trust, engagement and performance.
Kimberly’s began her career as an investment analyst with one of the world’s leading trading firms, then worked at an international funds management company, building a successful family business, before moving into helping organisations thrive through greater diversity and understanding across generations and gender.
A registered NZTE Certified Coach, she is the Founder of She Prosperity, which won a gold at the International Stevie Women In Business awards in New York in 2017, and the Steps Leadership Program for Millennials. BA BCom (Otago) DipM (London)

Michael Moka

Michael Moka

Founder of Indigenous Growth Limited

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Michael is a passionate indigenous entrepreneur, and proud whanau and community member. He founded Indigenous Growth Limited (www.indigenousgrowth.com), a new organisation with a quadruple bottom line, to empower families to get themselves out of the poverty cycle.
Mike made a conscious decision to pursue his dedication to empower his family and families like his who, despite working hard, were trapped in a poverty cycle. Since 2005 he chose a specialised path dedicated to this goal.
Indigenous Growth is taking a culturally diverse approach, building up people from the grass roots level to provide a more diverse and profitable culture for all organisations.
He holds a number of governance and advisory roles for whanau organisations, charities, learning institutions and not-for-profit organisations.

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