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What does everyday sexism look like?

Monday, Jul 2, 2018, by Sheryl Blythen

More organisations are realising that engaging men in gender equality change process is vital. We can’t drive change if we leave half the population out of the discussion.

Our colleagues at the Diversity Council Australia recently released a research-based report ‘Men make a difference: Engaging Men on Gender Equality’. It looks at strategies that are effective at gaining support from men for gender equality.

Download the report synopsis

The report calls out examples of everyday sexism we see in the workplace and in society. These include:

  • Evaluating women less positively than men (e.g. in job application and promotion processes).
  • Ignoring and talking over women.
  • Side-lining women in social and work networks.
  • Seemingly harmless comments about women, such as that they are naturally better at collaborating, detailed work, child care, cooking or shopping.
  • Not offering women work opportunities out of misplaced concern that they may not be able to manage it (e.g. assuming that women can’t travel or work in male-dominated or heavy industries).
  • Choosing women for stereotypical assignments or tasks such as taking meeting notes, getting tea or coffee or cleaning up the room after meetings.
  • Unwelcome remarks about a woman’s body or clothing.


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