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Meet some Diversity Works NZ members

Wednesday, Nov 1, 2017, by Sheryl Blythen

Diversity Works New Zealand is privileged to work with so many member organisations who are committed to creating an inclusive culture in the workplace. Here three of our members share why they working so hard to advance diversity, and the advantages they see in partnering with our organisation on this important journey.

Bluescope (New Zealand and Pacific Steel)

Bluescope has been a member of Diversity Works New Zealand (formerly the Equal Employment Opportunities Trust) since 1998. Here Diversity, Recruitment, Leadership & Capability Lead Dana Toeke outlines the company's commitment to equal opportunities in its workplace. Why does Bluescope value diversity and inclusion in the workplace? Bluescope (New Zealand Steel and Pacific Steel) recognises and values the different skills, perspectives and backgrounds that all of our employees (some of who are pictured above)  bring to our businesses.  The D&I Team want to help develop and maintain a programme that fosters a diverse workforce to achieve positive business outcomes. The actions to deliver these results we believe will attract, encourage and develop our very talented, diverse, capable and engaged workforce. The businesses’ committment to diversity & inclusion is about creating equal opportunities for everyone as we know that a talented and capable workforce is a competitive advantage. We want to make a conscious effort to foster and enable our people who reflect the diversity of our customers, markets and the communities in which we operate in. What advantages does your organisation gain from being a member of Diversity Works New Zealand? Diversity Works have been an instrumental resource to the business, particularly over the last 18 months. Their support via the workshops, webinars, library and events has enabled the business to encourage D&I consciously and directly through our business plans and D&I Committee. New Zealand Steel entered the 2017 Diversity Awards which was also an insightful experience.

Soar Print

Soar Print has been a member of Diversity Works NZ since December 1998. Managing Director Fed Soar talks about the company’s journey. Why does Soar Print value diversity and inclusion in the workplace? A business should represent society, and having an inclusive work place enables this, and ensures different cultural values are appreciated. This in turn will help the business be more relevant to the community. What advantages does your organisation gain from being a member of Diversity Works New Zealand? Great case studies and best practices for a diverse work place are shared with you, and this helps create an inclusive workplace, with all the benefits that brings.


[caption id="attachment_10707" align="alignleft" width="200"]Kirstin Te Wao Kirstin Te Wao[/caption] Vodafone has been a member of Diversity Works New Zealand  since November 1999. Diversity & Inclusion Lead Kirstin Te Wao shares why. Why does Vodafone value diversity and inclusion in the workplace? At Vodafone, our purpose is to connect everyone to live a better today, and to build a better tomorrow. We’re a progressive organisation that values the deep levels of diversity (in backgrounds, perspectives and experience) of our 3,000 people throughout Aotearoa who serve our customers and connect with our communities on a daily basis. We believe diversity and inclusion is not only good for business, but it’s also the right thing for us to do. What advantages does your organisation gain from being a member of our organisation? Being part of the Diversity Works NZ whānau provides us with access to local experts who are able to support us as we develop new strategies, test new ideas and look for external benchmarks outside of our business. What’s great about working with Bev and her team is that they can cater to everyone’s needs, no matter what point in your diversity and inclusion journey you’re on. We really value our relationship with Diversity Works and all the support and connections that comes with it. Join Diversity Works New Zealand today to take advantage of: • Discounted rates on workshops, seminars, events and training • Access to some of our D&I consultancy services at no charge each year based upon your level of membership • Resources to help you on your diversity journey • Provision to use the Diversity Works logo in recruitment advertising and media • Opportunities for media coverage The membership fee is a tax-deductible donation. Donations go directly to helping Diversity Works create materials, subsidise workshops and events, and maintain their focus on helping businesses like yours achieve greater diversity and inclusion in your organisation. Head to the Join Us page on the website for more information and membership levels.

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