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Diversity in the news, February 2016

Friday, Feb 3, 2017, by Sheryl Blythen

Pay equity, work-life balance and whether employees are motivated by money are some of the issues that have been making headlines in the past month. One of the areas that impacts workplace culture is an organisation’s willingness to offer flexible work practices. Diversity Works Chief Executive Bev Cassidy-Mackenzie chatted to Radio Live host Carly Flynn about this – listen to the interview here. Whether you are cleaning toilets or sitting in the boardroom, one thing doesn’t change: the culture and values of your workplace, career opportunities and the quality of senior leadership matter more than how much you are being paid, the New Zealand Herald reports, citing a study by job website Glassdoor. Read more Slow progress in adding more women to boards is under discussion in the United States – a recent McKinsey Quarterly article looks at how companies can accelerate gender diversity on boards. Read more Still looking at equity issues, the chair of the employers group of the Joint Working Group on Pay Equity, Phil O’Reilly wrote in the New Zealand Herald that, “We should not have a situation whereby some jobs filled by women are paid less than very similar jobs filled by men.” Mr O’Reilly, chief executive of Iron Duke, said that amongst the many reasons for accepting pay-equity legislation is the fact that it is the right thing to do. Many employers would agree, according to a survey cited in HRMOnline, which shows 97 per cent of managers say their organisations are taking measures to address this issue. Read more Immigration remains in the spotlight, with the New Zealand Herald running a series on this issue. Writer Lincoln Tan explores how a study indicates that new Kiwis can be good for us all and asks experts to answers questions around some of the challenges the country faces around immigration.

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