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Diversity Awards entrants are ambassadors for change

Thursday, Mar 31, 2016, by Admin

Over the past 18 years, EEO Trust has attracted hundreds of award applications for their annual awards – and now they’re ready to receive entries for the 19th annual New Zealand Diversity Awards. “We really value each of the awards applications we receive. While they can’t all be winners each entry represents an organisation that understands the importance of diversity and inclusion, and that is prepared to make changes to develop a more diverse, inclusive workplace,” says EEO Trust Chief Executive Bev Cassidy-Mackenzie. “Being prepared to enter the Diversity Awards also means that the organisation and its staff are prepared to share their story. When companies are willing to talk about how they created a more inclusive culture and what they had to change to do it, it gives other organisations a model to follow.” “Our Diversity Awards winners are very important as educators and role models, but I think of all our awards entrants as ambassadors for change.” This year EEO Trust is introducing a new award – “Emerging D&I” – to recognise companies who are in the first year or two of their diversity and inclusion journey. “We think it’s important because a number of organisations are recognising that diversity and inclusion is a top priority and they are beginning to enter this space with fledgling initiatives that have the potential to grow and have a significant impact,” says EEO Trust Diversity Manager Fezeela Raza. “These companies have been hesitant to enter and compete with more established programmes but we now have a category which recognises those successful first steps which pave the way for greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace.” Raza is inviting organisations that think they might qualify for the new award, or any of the other categories, to get in touch to discuss their entry. “We realise it’s a big step for some companies to put themselves forward for an award and we’re conscious that it requires an investment of time, so we make sure that all our entrants get practical and relevant feedback on their entry that they can use to develop and strengthen their diversity initiatives in the future.”

Entries for Diversity Awards NZ 2016 are now open

Why enter the Diversity Awards? If diversity and inclusion is important to your organisation, there are lots of great reasons to enter the 2016 Diversity Awards: • Be recognised as champion for diversity and inclusion • Become an employer of choice for top talent looking for forward-thinking, inclusive organisations • Celebrate your achievements in diversity and inclusion – and acknowledge the hard work of the people in your organisation who have driven the changes • Gain feedback and advice on your diversity and inclusion initiatives • Meet likeminded awards entrants and be inspired by other diversity and inclusion winners To enter the awards visit www.diversityawards.org.nz or contact the EEO Trust team – awards@diversityworksnz.org.nz or 0800 DIVERSITY  

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