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Celebrating 20 years of service

Tuesday, Aug 1, 2017, by Sheryl Blythen

Our Office Administrator Richard Mortensen is celebrating 20 years of service to Diversity Works NZ (formerly the EEO Trust) this year. At Diversity Works New Zealand we like to lead by example when it comes to workplace diversity and inclusion, and that includes employing people of varying backgrounds, ages and abilities – all of whom bring something special to the workplace mix. Richard suffered a serious brain injury as a result of a climbing accident in his early 20s, and as a result some of his physical abilities are limited. However, Richard has and continues to be a valued part of the Diversity Works team, working one day a week to help deliver key projects and contributing to the overall success of the organisation. As a committed member of the Brahma Kumaris spiritual movement, Richard puts the money he earns towards an annual trip to Mt Abu in Rajasthan, India to spend time at the headquarters of the group to focus on meditation and learning and enjoy fellowship with other followers. “I enjoy working at Diversity Works because it gives me social contact with other people, and allows me to contribute to the work the organisation does in the business community,” Richard says.

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