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Diversity Awards NZ 2022

Nominate a leader in the diversity, equity and inclusion space for the Diversity Champion Award.

Being a champion for diversity, equity and inclusion means more than being a supporter for a cause. It means more than being able to tell a lived experience story of exclusion. A champion for diversity, equity and inclusion is someone who expertly uses their knowledge, skills, experience and emotional intelligence to build an environment of belonging for others.

Diversity champions are self-aware. They can identify the biases and prejudices that are pervasive in our workplaces and society at large. They acknowledge and interrupt their own biases and are able to read and understand others without distortions of emotionally laden stereotypes. In so doing, they create an environment where individuals feel safe enough to have a voice and to make a contribution to shared objectives.

Diversity champions incorporate DEI values and behaviours in everything they do. They challenge non-inclusive systems, practices and mindsets, and they find solutions that have a positive impact on people and culture. They leave a lasting legacy.

As a nominated category (as opposed to self-entry), entries consist of a brief motivation by a nominator, supportive letters, references and evidence, and a statement of acceptance by the nominee. Selection will be based on an exemplary commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion as evidenced through a record of achievement, acts of service, projects or events.

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