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Partnering with Diversity Works New Zealand to deliver unconscious bias training to all its people has had far-reaching benefits for Yellow NZ, including increased collaboration, more confident communication and better understanding and empathy among teams.

Yellow NZ Chief Experience Officer Tracey Taylor explains that one of the key pillars of the business and people strategy at the digital media agency is building belonging.

“Having done this training myself, I found it life changing. It’s a key thing to understand to be successful in any business.”

Diversity Works New Zealand facilitator Hélène Dechamps spent a week with the team at Yellow, running unconscious bias workshops with about 200 people in the organisation’s Auckland office and four regional offices.

“This type of training is a much more holistic way for people to learn to embrace the new and hopefully build a better understanding of each other and also our customers,” Tracey says.

She believes it’s increased empathy within the business, with people trying to understand what their colleagues are going through and being more willing to share their views on a situation openly and confidently.

“I’ve seen people who wouldn’t normally collaborate within our workplace openly doing that. People are seeing each other as humans first and the role they play within our organisation as second.

“The wonderful thing that Diversity Works New Zealand has done for us is created a real programme that’s been able to bring together all of the things we know exist and all of the things we want to learn. It’s really helped us teach people in a way that has a focus around EQ, around empathy, and around understanding, which will only bring about commercial success for us.”

Watch the video above for more insights from Tracey and feedback from participants who took part in the unconscious bias training.

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